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E.T.I. 2009
I promised my brothers and sisters in the Union that I would work on collecting ideas for the next contract.
I am going to keep up the collection. Here is an idea that showed up regarding sick time. The State loses a lot of money when people are getting near retirement and is always looking for ways to cut down on sick leave. If you take a day off, you get paid, and a contribution is made to the retirement fund. How about a way to cut down on the cost of sick time and a way to put a few dollars in your pocket at the same time? This would be at mutual agreement. The State could not just take away time you had earned and might be saving for that “rainy day” in case of illness.

Sick Leave-Compensation for.

  1. Employees shall be eligible to receive monetary compensation for accrued sick leave as follows:
    1. In January of each year, and at no other time, an employee whose year-end sick leave balance exceeds 240 hours may choose to convert sick leave hours earned in the previous calendar year minus those used during the year to monetary compensation.
      1. No sick leave hours may be converted which would reduce the calendar year-end balance below 240 hours.
      2. Monetary compensation for converted hours shall be paid at the rate of 50% and shall be based upon the employee’s current salary.
      3. All converted hours will be deducted from the employee’s sick leave balance.
    2. Employees who separate from state service due to retirement or death shall be compensated for their unused sick leave accumulation at the rate of 50%. Compensation shall be based upon the employee’s salary at the time of separation.
  2. Compensation for unused sick leave shall not be used in computing the retirement allowance; therefore no contributions are to be made to the retirement system for such payments, nor shall such payments be reported as compensation.
  3. An employee who separates from service for any reason other than retirement or death shall not be paid for accrued sick leave. Don’t forget to try Http://UnionMaine.Informe.com E.T.I. 2009

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