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I.F.&W Proposals for 2009 Contract

The important thing is to get the proposals in. We all know that not every proposal can make it to the table or we would have two or thee form each of ten thousand employees.

These came in From I.F.&W. From Mike. I am not using Mike’s last name because I forgot to get his permission to put it up. Mike if it is O.K. to use your name, send me an email. Your co workers should know you are working for them.

Hi Tom
count me in I will send you a couple IF&W Hatchery Protech proposals.
(1) All FishCulture Assistant Supervisors be placed in the Supervisory Unit like the Game Keeper Assistant Supervisor More or less same title.
(2) More pay!!!!!!!!!
(3) More help at the hatcheries since we have increased our workload by 25% over the last 10 years and lost a couple positions.
(4) Weekend stipends for Hatchery staff.
These are a few I can think of for at least the hatchery employees and all state workers.
If I think of anymore or hear of any from my fellow employees I will send them on to you.

Thanks Mike. We can’t study the proposals unless we have them.

E.T.I. 2009

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