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How the Democrats can lose


February 10. Obama can tie the broom to the periscope. His clean sweep, including the Virgin Islands three delegates that in this close race could actually make a difference.

He is continuing to win caucuses in a landslide in Washington, Nebraska, and Louisiana.


I am afraid that the Democrats can still snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. So far any Democrat candidate that doesn’t drool and sit down to a meal of kitten parts on TV could still beat any Republican team in the coming elections unless we become like them. The R’s have so far refused to investigate corruption and war profiteering. Our own Susan Collins doesn’t make a peep when a company making Kevlar helmet liners that don’t meet specifications is awarded a huge contract to replace the defective liners they sold in the first place. They have cut funds for the poor and children. Bush vetoed a bill that would have investigated war profiteering. The R’s long line of hypocrisy, convictions, and their wide stance on so many issues has made the D’s job easy so far.


I both applaud and fear the close race that Hillary and Obama are running a race that looks like Obama could come to the nomination nearly even or even with a few more votes yet no candidate will have a clear majority.

What happens if the Clinton juggernaut twists arms and makes deals to get the Super Delegates to vote for Hillary, even if they have to vote against the will of the majority in their own states?

If Hillary wins the nomination by arm twisting the Democratic Party will have lost the high ground and we will have given the R’s all they need. They will be able to claim that just like Bush, she lost the nomination but has had herself declared the winner in a back room deal.

McCain says that another hundred years in Iraq is fine with him so no matter who the Democratic candidate is I will vote for him or her in the hope that this country will get off this road of endless war.

February 10th, 2008 Posted by narsbars | Democrats | one comment

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  1. I could go to my doctor and ask her what she thinks this persistent, pesky knot is in my stomach, but I already know its cause. If the Democratic Party doesn’t get its head out of the sand, we will be inaugurating John McCain as our next President. We need a clear front runner, and soon. Did we forget about Ralph Nader?? And, don’t think for one minute the R’s don’t have a strategy in this. All the Rush Limbaughs out there collectively bashing McCain for not being conservative enough has its purpose. Because, I have two people in my household alone who state that if Clinton ends up on the ticket, they will vote for McCain. I tend to think my house is not entirely out of the ordinary. This narrow margin needs to go, or this party is going to be shooting itself in the foot.

    Comment by Laura Stevens | February 16, 2008

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