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Do what I say, not what I do

Do what I say, not what I do.

The Republican Party on the Federal level claims the right to lead us all as little children into the garden of moral correctness. Since I am from Maine I have to hold up our Maine Republicans as a warning to Democrats. When Maine Republicans get the chance to hold higher office they seem to just do their jobs, stay married, and leave the interns alone. Stay on your toes Democrats when you see a Maine Republican running for office. Our Republicans seem to get elected, do their jobs, fight with Democrats and go back to being good Mainers when their terms are done. What is wrong with this bunch?

The saving grace for the Dems is Susan Collins who votes against investigating corruption, doesn’t seem to care if our troops get faulty helmets, and refuses to offer protection to whistle blowers. That’s the GOP we won’t have to be afraid of.

Republicans claim the right and the mandate to define family values. Loud are the voices against gay marriage, abortion, homosexuality, adultery, feminism, crime, science, evolution, humanism, and liberalism.

They cry that Democrats have driven God out of our lives. The theme for the last eight years has been a claim to divine guidance. If Ann Coulter is an emissary from God, I for one am looking forward to a very warm afterlife. Just picture Rush Limbaugh as a heavenly messenger spreading Oxycontin in place of blessings. In the same way that Rush claimed that drug abuse demanded punishment, not therapy the rest of the Republican leadership has let down their party.

Henry Hyde wanted to impeach “Cigar Bill” for his behavior but his affair with a married mother of three children gets little coverage in the so called left wing press.

Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, led the charge against the hands on presidency of Bill Clinton at the same time he was having an affair with a congressional aide.

Gingrich tried to rush through a divorce against second wife while she was hospitalized with cancer to marry the aide. Was that compassionate conservatism? Then he cut off funds to his wife and kids. His wife and children had to get charity from a church in order to live.

Bob Barr was a Georgia GOP congressman until 2003 and loud right-to-lifer, but this did not prevent him from bringing his (second) wife to an abortion clinic. What a pain she must have been because he dumped her too for number three.

In Congress, Barr authored the “Defense of Marriage Act,.

Now on this side, the moral leaders, the Republican candidates for president in 2008, Rudolph Giuliani, John McCain, and Newt Gingrich. The score: Five divorces all involving cheating on “holy matrimony”.

Next up the Democratic candidates: John Edwards, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama are running far behind with no divorces no cheating on spouses. Somebody send those guys some oysters.

The Republicans not satisfied with the lead so far called on Senator David Vitter, a Louisiana Republican to do his part, or was it to use his part? He certainly did his duty for a prostitution ring in Washington, D.C. and for a New Orleans brothel. Those Democrats are going to have to work to catch up.

If you don’t have the ability to cheat on your wife you can try hating gays. Bob Allen, Florida Republican state legislator, was arrested in a public restroom after offering to perform oral sex on an undercover officer. Maybe he was just trying to earn a little extra for his wife and child.

“Wide Stance” Senator Larry Craig, Republican of Idaho was another loud voice against gays in the military and gay marriage. At least he made the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport famous.

State representative Richard Curtis another Republican leading us to goodness by voting against gay rights was caught dressed in women’s underwear when he met a man in a and went to a hotel for oral and anal copulation.

The hypocrisy between the public position private actions is the hallmark of the last eight years. Sex is bad (for you), cheating is bad (for you), being gay is a sin (not for them).

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  1. Isn’t this what MSEA has been doing for years. Do as I say
    excpt what I say don’t question?

    Comment by Bruce B. Libby | February 8, 2008

  2. Bruce,
    No, you are wrong. You forget that we have a Union where anyone interested enough can join and vote and even get elected to office. You can have a voice. The Blogs I run are proof enough. I have spoken up time and again to let fee payers vote on contracts. That alone would get me tossed if what you are saying is true.

    Whether or not we argue past practice and what happened then, we have a major threat coming in 2009 that will need every member to be active. You, me, and any State Employee you know will be under attack. The budget is bad and the news is getting worse every day. Rather than waste time fighting over the past you should bring any ideas you have to the table.
    What do you see as the most viable method to protect wages and benefits? Do you think we should give them up? Should we not be political and just take what we are given?
    This Union and all State Employees will need every voice, member, fee payer, all of them to make any difference in 2009.

    Comment by narsbars | February 10, 2008

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