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2009 E.T.I.

June 25, 2007
MSEA contract passes. Two to one vote or better in all units. Within a few days of the AFSCME vote to pass their contract MSEA members voted to pass their contract. The process works and although there is a lot of grumbling about not enough money we have a contract. On the lighter side some of the voters must have thought that the Union was lost because they included directions on where to go and how to get there in the mail. Along with those directions, most of which gave a general direction of straight down were a number of compliments. “You did your best”. “Thank you for your hard work”. Any one of the thanks meant more to me than any of the others.

No, this is not a great contract, but wake up and smell the air. It is not too soon to start planning for next time. Were you disappointed? Did your idea get left out? Start now, send in your ideas.

I am starting a collection of proposals now. You can post here by hitting the comment button or you can email NARSBARS@GMAIL.COM. I will never share your email with anyone. If you have a good idea, start now and be first in line.

What do you want to bet that the budget process for two years from now features State employees as the target of what they call “cost savings”? Your pay, your health care, everything you have as an employee is going to be attacked again and again. You only have to slip once. If they take it away, do you think they will ever give it back?

This blog has about five months to go. If you want to have to have this place to share ideas, Click SUBSCRIBE ME under this post. If I get 500 signed up, this place stays, and your ideas have a place. If we can’t get 500 people in six months, it won’t matter. Thinking positively, the vote was larger than last time, many more people got involved. Whether they voted yes or not they voted.

2009 E.T.I.

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