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Fools, Liars, and Right wingnuts

The right wing leadership, Fools and liars,

I realize this is a hard time to pick on you. You lost after trying to destroy the U.S. You were stopped while there was still something left. A mostly left, Union supporting black man has been elected to the presidency. Did I say you lost?

You have been lying for years, blaming the left and blaming the Unions while asking us not to look at the billionaires behind us with their hands in our pockets.

I know that the talk shows must paint Obama as the devil in order to get more of your hard earned money. Did they tell you, you lost?

While still blaming even a bad hair day on Clinton, now you have a need for Obama to be seen as a fraud, or a conspirator because otherwise your world view will be shattered.

Having lived so long in a world with no integrity or character keeps you from from being able to believe these characteristics can exist. No one can blame you after eight years of George Bush.

You lost, and you say your loss can be blamed on crooked dealing, dishonesty, a lack of character, and lies.

You are right, you lost because of crooked dealing, dishonesty, a lack of character and lies: yours. I left out incompetence to be nice.

We both know that truth is hard to explain from a right wing viewpoint, even harder for your base to understand, damaging to your candidates, and just too complicated for your voters.

Please try to stick to your game plan, don’t speak truth, do worship Sarah Palin. Please make her your next candidate. Stick with the far right religious fringe. Please stick to your principles.

You need to stay the course, now that a Democrat is in power. You must push every fantasy, like the fairy tale about the $72.00 an hour UAW worker, you must keep pushing delusional fantasy as long as a Republican politician or talk show host is willing to talk about your dreams.

Stay the course, while there is no proof of your claims, no evidence, you have to keep on keeping on. You need to feed the talk show hosts.

Could we pretend we live in a world where we could, for a moment have a rational debate?

What has Obama done that is dishonest? Hold on: Do you have proof? OK….I see you don’t have any proof, only belief. See?, you have to stick with the religious right, they will understand operating with belief and no proof. They certainly will be against any attempt to evolve into a better party.

Is there anything Obama has done about the election, his appointments, or even his birth certificate that have been proven illegal?

Did he send money to Blagojevich to buy a Senator? I guess Blagojevich explained that on the tapes when he said he wouldn’t take gratitude.

No proof, no facts.

Isn’t your job to find proof? Doesn’t America deserve facts? Are accusations enough to convict? Oh yeah, I forgot Guantanamo.

Until you come up with more than dire warnings of what Obama will do, even before he is in office, unless you come up with more than lies based on fantasy instead of facts you will be stuck with only one fact.

You lost.

We may be entering a depression at least as bad as the Great Depression and just maybe it is time to pull together behind our elected leader, look like Americans and use the truth when we know it.

Don’t stop looking for the truth, the Democrats did not stop for eight years and see how that worked. Keep digging, investigate, that’s how we are supposed to do it in America.

I know you didn’t get any practice digging for truth from 2000-2008, or we might not be entering a depression.

You could come back if you learned how to tell the difference between talk shows and truth. You should at least look for truth so you can do a better job of hiding it the next time you are in power.

Don’t forget, you lost.

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December 18th, 2008 Posted by narsbars | 2009 contract, UAW, VEBA, bailout | no comments

Universal Health Care, The other Side.

E.T.I. 2009

The debate about Universal Health care has proponents and opponents. Since I am a firm believer in Universal Health Care I felt that I should go out and listen to the reasons given by the opposition. I have collected the most common reasons and it is only fair to listen to the other side.

I have listed the most common below.

1: With Universal Health Care people would live longer and the money would just be wasted on old people.

2: If you knew you could go to the doctor for yourself or your kids you would go for every minor broken bone and the Government might even end up paying for inoculations to prevent disease. Why pay for something that has not happened?

3: Universal Health Care would stop Americans from paying more and getting less than other counties and that could harm the economy.

4: Single payer countries are run by dictators in lands with no choice, like Canada, and Holland.

5: The people that oppose a single payer system can afford health care and it would be an unfair burden on the rich.

6: Paying insurance companies for poor care is more American than paying taxes and receiving good care.

7: The U.S.A. which has one of the highest infant mortality rates of all the civilized countries would become overcrowded if we let all those babies live.

8: Clients have become fond of their HMO providers and would miss dealing with them.

9: Regardless of how much good would be done, if good is done by government then it must really be bad.

10. It’s fun to see how long you can get one prescription to last by skipping days, and cutting doses. The mental activity helps prevent Alzheimer’s.

Since I write so much about State employees who (for now) still have health care you may ask yourself what this has to do with you.

I listened some more. The other side says we are the worst criminals. By having health care and good wages we are almost single handedly driving out all of the business in Maine. I have listened to the arguments and they sum up to a demand that we give up at least a third of our pay, all of our benefits, and stop being a part of a Union. There are also other demands that want all poorly performing State employees fired immediately. This demand leads right back to the “get rid of the Union” argument, so government can be efficient.

Some how this will then lead all of the businesses to flock to Maine for the low wages. At that time anyone in Maine that wants to work for minimum wage in ugly working conditions (Wal-Mart) will have the opportunity. Did I miss the point? We suffer, business does great, and that is good?

Let me know if I missed the point.

E.T.I. 2009

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October 19th, 2007 Posted by narsbars | MSEA, MSEASEIU, SEIU, SEIU 1984, SEIU 1989, STATE EMPLOYEES, TECHNORATI, UNION CANDIDATES, UNIONMAINE, Union Success, Universal Health Care, VEBA, VSEA | no comments

Another attack on Unions

E.T.I. 2009

Executives get hundreds of millions no matter whether the company sells cars or goes belly up.

From the Wall Street Journal, September 11 2007

As GM walked into the negotiations, the 54-year-old Mr. Wagoner’s top priority was leaning on the union to further address the auto maker’s health-care burden. The company has about $50 billion in retirement obligations for UAW retirees and their families, and that liability results in $3 billion in cash expenses annually, or nearly $750 per light vehicle sold last year in the U.S. As GM, which already extracted concessions from the union on health care in 2005, sees sales in North America decline and medical expenses inflate at double-digit rates, the burden gets heavier by the day.

As part of the negotiations, GM put two proposals on the table for the UAW, according to people familiar with the proposals. One involves the establishment of a union-run health-care trust, or VEBA, which would be funded by GM cash, debt and possibly stock.

VEBA A Voluntary Employees Beneficiary Association would save GM a lot of money, and put all the risk on the employees. No offer was made to pay more in better times. If the Union won’t accept the VEBA GM is making threats that will let them sell for less than Toyota. GM is pushing the VEBA, telling the UAW that “the arrangement would protect against unilateral retiree health-care cuts by the auto maker in the future if needed.”

Did you hear the threat? Pay up or we cut the throats of the old people.

Health care costs are going up. No question. I would not trust the government to continue to pay anything they agreed to but I would rather trust the Union to do a good job, than to hire it out to a company like Anthem.

A little more from the Journal:

While developing close ties with the union and earning the trust of union officials who are loath to cede ground to the auto makers, Mr. Wagoner has also taken steps to reduce GM’s reliance on the UAW, significantly expanding sales in emerging markets and accelerating efforts to reorganize the company’s manufacturing base into a global footprint.

All Non-Union, low paying jobs. A Mexican worker can not buy the car he or she builds. When all the wages are trash who will they sell to? Henry Ford raised wages, and in turn sold cars to his employees and made his money while paying more than other industries.

Lots of work, lots of sales, but the hourly worker should take the hit, the failed executives making millions for themselves and losing money for their investors.

I know this is not Maine, these are probably not your relatives. I also know that the more take backs that are successful the more our legislators are going to use those take backs to justify coming after State Employees. Please get involved now. Comment here, call your legislator. Email a politician. Tell them your family is not on the menu.
E.T.I. 2009

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September 11th, 2007 Posted by narsbars | ATTACK ON UNIONS, MSEA, MSEASEIU, SEIU, SEIU 1984, SEIU 1989, TECHNORATI, UNIONMAINE, VEBA | no comments