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This email has been everywhere in a lot of versions. At last the Governor has found a way to put a good face on State Government. I grabbed the first version from Eyeonthe503, a labor blog in Oregon. A quote from Eyeonthe503, Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

All personnel will now be required to look happy while working. Governor-approved supplies will be provided to each employee at little or no cost.

· Workloads getting to you?

· Feeling stressed?

· Too many priorities and assignments?

· Worried about pending furloughs?

· Here is the new low-cost, Governor-approved solution to cope with multiple priorities and assignments!

· Each employee will be supplied 2 paper clips and rubber bands. (See Fig 1.)

Figure 1.

Assemble items as shown in Fig 2.

Figure 2

Apply as shown in Fig 3.

Figure 3.

Enjoy your day. This new office equipment will help you to reach the end of a productive work day with a smile on your face! Stop by the front desk and pick up supplies.

Governor Baldacci

Check out the original version below.


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