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A lack of understanding in Liberal writing

Usually I am comfortable with the liberal view points I follow. Today I got a comeuppance. If a right winger or a conservative disagrees with something I say I am comfortable with my point of view and ready to defend what I say.
I have said that we have to be open minded in the U.S.A. and in our Union to see and value differing view points. I thought I was living up to that ideal. Today someone told me, after reading my blog, “you know I am a conservative” and I could tell that I had written something to upset that person, someone that I respect. What is the problem? The problem is that I had no idea what I had set to upset that particular individual. If I don’t know what I said to upset someone, while I can’t admit to being wrong, it shows that I didn’t know my audience well enough and perhaps used a barb or an insult rather than a reasoned argument.

Dwight D. Eisenhower cautioned against the military industrial complex, a visionary.
Most of the founding fathers would be considered honest conservatives today with their beliefs in self sufficiency.
Teddy Roosevelt would never have been considered a bleeding heart liberal.

This country and hopefully our Union will be made stronger by uniting and understanding that most of us want nearly the same things, we simply see different ways to get there.

To that one reader and to anyone that thinks that a conservative, a Republican, or anyone would not get a fair chance a UnionMaine I apologize.

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December 20th, 2007 Posted by narsbars | MSEA, MSEA-SEIU, MSEASEIU, Maine State Employees, Network Services, TECHNORATI, UNIONMAINE, msea maine | no comments

Nothing Serious OIT

Click on a cartoon to enlarge.

Today, nothing serious.
The first cartoon is dedicated to one person I know and I won’t use names in order to protect me from having my whole network shut down.

I started thinking about the OIT technicians that do the network monitoring for the State, check troubles, and keep the whole place running. Most network users think that the OIT men and women are locked in dark closets in front of monitors just to protect the public. Here is another look at what goes on behind the key card protected inner Sanctum.

These cartoons are used with permission from xkcd
Warning, Warning, do not go to this site. It will waste your time and leave you laughing.

I hope you enjoyed the cartoons.
If you want more, leave a comment.

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December 2nd, 2007 Posted by narsbars | MSEA, Network Services, TECHNORATI, UNIONMAINE | no comments