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New Hampshire

Pot Is Medicine: Let the Ill Use It

Marijuana use can produce lots of outcomes that are not socially desirable. It also can alleviate horrible symptoms of numerous chronic illnesses and, recent research is showing, actually fight some types of cancer.

The psychological effects of marijuana use have been well-documented for decades. Its medical effects have been revealed more recently. They show without a doubt that smoking marijuana has significant benefits for some seriously sick people. With the growing body of evidence revealing just how helpful marijuana can be for some of the chronically ill, the case against making it available to them has gone up in smoke.

New Hampshire’s House of Representatives has passed a bill, House Bill 648, to make the medicinal use of marijuana legal under tightly controlled circumstances. The bill would require a doctor’s prescription and a state-issued permit for legal marijuana use. The amount a patient or his caregiver could possess would be limited to two ounces, six seeds and six plants.

Marijuana has been proven highly effective at alleviating the side effects of chemotherapy and other treatments for a long list of chronic illnesses, including cancer and glaucoma. It can even stimulate the appetites of cancer patients on chemotherapy, which notoriously weakens appetite. The National Cancer Institute confirms that inhaling smoked marijuana delivers these therapeutic benefits more effectively than taking pills that contain the same active ingredient.

……. at this point, withholding the proven medical benefits of smoked marijuana from those extremely ill patients who cannot be helped by any other treatment would amount to a cruel deprivation of necessary medical care. The Senate should pass the bill

In other news, NORML chose April 20th to launch 7,770 nationwide TV ads that advocate for cannabis law reform; and promoting marijuana legalization; it will run on CNN, Fox News Channel and more. In the spot, Americans say “you can tax it, you can regulate it, apply age restrictions, create millions of new jobs, save our economy.

I joined. $4.20 and maybe someone suffering from cancer with no relief or being killed in Mexico for smuggling pot will no longer be the norm.


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Web Wandering on the Left Wing and Advice from the Right

Hi, I am from the Right wing and I am here to help you.

I preach fiscal control and morals. I will tell you how to live your life. I am going to give away our whole history and our strategy for 2010. It won’t matter because you are all too dumb to remember.

I might chase congressional pages…..but it won’t hurt the party. As long as we can stand self-righteously against the abortion and gay marriage the base won’t care. We could arrest all of the black population for smoking a joint and no one will care. We fixed the courts to get Rush Limbaugh a pass for buying $8000.00 a week in Oxys. I stand here before you and say to my brain-dead constituency that I know you will keep my political career going. Without me, Wall Street will be regulated and we would lose our biggest backers, but we won’t let that happen. Sure some of us were sent packing in the last election and maybe we will lay low for awhile, then reappear and issue a budget with no numbers.

We don’t need facts, because we only have to yell “illegal aliens” and “tax cuts”. You the populace will think the tax cuts are for you. They never have been, they never will be, but you will still respond to the ditto head mantra. In 2010 the voters will give the GOP another chance. I mean, come on… the voters will forget in four years. They will think the Democrats put us in the hole and we will promise to save the country with tax cuts. I know that the GOP knew what Wall Street was doing and kept it quiet. I know we’re in the minority now, but who would’ve thought we’d actually get the blame for this mess?

Look… our party’s given you George W. Bush, the Iraq war, and the current depression, yet we still have the ability to say NO to any meaningful reform in congress. For eight years we were able to give you the 9/11 attacks, two wars, a broken economy, too many scandals to mention, but we will tell you that just when we were going to fix everything the Democrats got a majority during the last two years and sabotaged our final solution. Don’t get too depressed just because the Dems seem to have a majority in both houses and the presidency. Look who’s still in control.

Harry Reid is going to drop any real help for homeowners while we can still have a court cram down our 2nd homes and investment properties. We broke the Union contracts and let the AIG executives keep their bonuses. By the time we “compromise” on the Employee Free Choice Act, management will get the right to cast 51% of the votes. Look how easy it is, we grab a couple of blue dogs, yell

“drill, baby, drill , “no, baby, no” and chant fail, fail, fail, to the president.. (Trademark R. Limbaugh). Don’t forget to start thinking about the theme for 2010. We tell the public You let this happen, you elected the Democrats.

If we just keep on repeating it long enough you will believe. Now go away, go to sleep, and vote GOP in four years.

“So it’s time to admit it: We’re fools, protagonists in a kind of gruesome comedy about the marriage of greed and stupidity. And the worst part about it is that we’re still in denial — we still think this is some kind of unfortunate accident, not something that was created by the group of psychopaths on Wall Street whom we allowed to gang-rape the American Dream.”

– Matt Taibbi

Rolling Stone: “The Big Takeover” by Matt Taibbi/3.19.09

Jobs leaving the US. Do you want to work in India?

Two weeks ago, IBM announced that it plans to shift all operations to India and offered US workers the chance to move to India if they would adapt to Indian wages. Cisco,another heavy hitter in the networking sphere,after announcing that it is planning major cutbacks,also announced moves to India and China. The pharmaceuticals have already climbed aboard this train,moving research work in drugs to India to contain their spiraling costs.

Technology Review,MIT’s prestigious journal predicts that in the next ten years 36 million jobs in technology related fields will move to India,decimating an already reeling middle class. This is the kind of calamity that Paul Craig Roberts has been predicting for quite sometime now. As manufacturing moved to China,economists crowed that this need not worry us because we are the leaders in high technology and the best jobs will stay in US. That now sounds like a mirage.

A long age of suffering is upon us because there are now many more competitors who are gaining strength through their educational systems. They have also learned the American trick of empowering the people with capital and encouraging their enterprise. And they can do all this at fraction of our costs. All this bodes ill for our own economy.

MI cop shot unarmed, 20-year-old marijuana activist


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