Trust me, I work for the Government

Why do we have to fight for benefits?

Congress couldn’t reach an agreement to bail out the Auto Industry and the right placed the blame placed on the greedy Unions. The Senator from Alabama with three foreign manufacturers in his state wants American industry to die, the Republican Union haters are hoping that the big three will die before Obama gets sworn in.

True irony shows up when George Bush may be the white knight riding to save the day by ordering part of the original $700,000,000,000 to be spent on companies that actually make things instead of glorified accountants. (Apologies to accountants)

The right blames Unions and cites the demand for gold plated health care, retirement pay, and high wages. The non-union plants of Honda, Toyota, and Mercedes are the examples given to pin blame on the Unions.

The Unions are painted as so evil it would justify destroying the big three just to burn them out.Checking out the facts on wages brings out the truth; in 2006 GM reported the highest paid hourly GM workers received $27 an hour, somewhat less than the claims of $72.00 to $80.00 made on talk radio.

Workers in Toyota and Honda plants earn about the same. In 2007, Toyota’s non-union plant in Georgetown, Ky., paid higher wages than UAW contracts, averaging $30 per hour with bonuses.Why do we keep hearing $72.00 and hour?

You need to be creative with math to get to a $72 an hour figure. First you add up all wages, then you add all pensions and benefits paid to retirees and only then do you divide by the current workforce.

The newcomers, Toyota, Honda, and Mercedes don’t have more than a few hundred retirees. Leaving out the cost of retirees a US worker makes about the same as the non-union employee.

GM is $48 billion in debt, not due to the high cost of the employees and retirees; it is a failure to plan.

Necessary money that should have been invested to pay for the future was spent on dividends, private jets, huge bonuses for executives.Legacy costs add as much as $2,000 to the price of an American vehicle. Made in America vehicles could still be sold abroad if they didn’t face VAT taxes that can add up to 150%, taxes that Toyota, Honda, and Mercedes don’t face when they import to the US.

How can they make cars and afford to ship them to the US?In Japan and the EU there are guaranteed health benefits, pensions and retirement provided by the government.

The employers typically give six weeks or more vacation for every employee. When these costs are taken from the employer Unions negotiate over working conditions, training, without worrying where the money to pay for a hip replacement in old age will come from.

Union leaders in the US have been urging the US to support national health care for over six decades, starting in the 1940s.Do we solve this by breaking the Unions? cutting their wages, canceling their benefits, and throwing the retirees under the bus?

It has been shown that the UAW wages are not any higher than non-union workers. Secondly we have to consider what steps the Unions have already taken. In 2005 and 2007 the UAW agreed to freeze wages for four years and cut pay for new employees to about $14.

New company pensions were scrapped, new hires would invest in a 401(k), pay higher co-pays on health care, and lose paid holidays and benefits previously negotiated.

Cost of living increases were given up to help offset escalating health care costs. GM is currently in talks with the UAW to put of paying its share of the VEBA money meant to pay for the health care of current employees and retirees.The Union, traded raises while facing inflation in order to keep their health care, and that doesn’t sound like greed.

The Union negotiated for the issues important to its members, issues GM management had been unable and unwilling to face for years.

The Union negotiated for Health care, a promise to freeze outsourcing and plant closings.The UAW forced GM to do what U.S. government and GM management refused to do: institute long-term planning, provide security over short-term profitability, and lifted most of the health care costs away from the employer, with the agreement that the Union would become responsible for maintaining the health care plan in the future.

The Union made sacrifices for the good of the employer in order to secure their employment.Bush, McCain and many Republicans have blamed unions for “gold plated” health care plans that are nearly as good as what both Bush and McCain get for free.

Do we need to break the hold of organized labor, reduce health care benefits, and slash wages?

Unions created the middle class. That is not to make the claim that Toyota, Honda, and Mercedes are trying to destroy unions, they are paying what would be a fair wage in a country that that provided health care, pensions, and cared for the elderly.

The US is a competitive society, how is it that the country has turned against the working class but not the hundred million dollar executive? The billionaire pays a lower tax rate than the janitor.

Tax rates for corporations are lower than at any time in history when loopholes are figured in.

The screams against a maximum pay, or a fair tax rate for these executives was so loud that there are no effective controls on companies receiving billions of dollars from the taxpayer, yet the Unions are painted as the living devil for trying to provide a living and a retirement for themselves.

If the employees had to cut wages and benefits enough save the auto industry it would mean accepting minimum wage, no benefits while dumping all retiree benefits and pensions. While we are at it why don’t we do away with overtime?

The executives would stay rich, American cars would be cheaper and we would have rolled back society a hundred years.Henry Ford got rich by paying employees far above what was needed to hire employees. The idea was he wanted them able to buy the products they were producing.Enter your Email and receive updates by email

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December 15th, 2008 Posted by narsbars | ATTACK ON UNIONS, Employee Free Choice Act, MSEA, MSEA 2008 bargaining survey, MSEA-SEIU, MSEASEIU, SEIU 1989, UAW, anti union talk show, state employee lay offs | no comments

$80.00 an hour

We can’t bail out the big three because the UAW bankrupted the big three; they raped and bankrupted the big three and now is the time to smash the Unions before they get into the Honda and Toyota plants. Translation: We must defend the foreign auto makers against a strong American work force.

Take this sentiment apart further and you get rage, rage that Democracy worked and the Republicans were thrown out. The American public is seen as stupid because they didn’t elect McCain and the right intends to punish the UAW, blaming Unions for failed management and a failed regulatory climate under the Bush regime. The right hates the American worker, loving only the money they can make for themselves.

John McCain set the example laughing at the idea of buying American. Before the run up to the presidential election John McCain described requirements that materials for the US navy be purchased from American companies as “ludicrous” and “disgraceful”. During a Senate debate McCain sarcastically said: “I know we’ll sleep better tonight knowing that all our carbon plates (for Navy ships) are made in America.”

For years the treasury has been looted, providing “incentives” to move American jobs abroad. Not only did the pharmaceutical industry move most drug manufacturing off shore, they made the taxpayer reward them for losing American jobs.

Why else would a fifteen billion dollar package, and yes, I expect more to come be fought over so harshly? Consider the fact that the UAW ran ads in swing states costing millions, while union members volunteered for the Obama campaign. Obama wants to provide federal aid to bail out the auto industries so Americans can keep jobs where they make real things, not just shuffle billions on paper. Obama supports what corporations see as the anti-Christ, the EFCA.

While there is hardly a peep about AIG providing “retention bonuses” of millions of dollars for a single years work to executives, the talk shows rant “These greedy union workers don’t deserve taxpayer’s dollars” Today it seems like common sense to say that no company can afford to pay lifetime pension and medical benefits or to support workers for up to two years if laid off.

What happened to the money that should have been invested to provide those benefits? Like so many defined benefit plans the funds were seen as a pot of gold to steal from with no risk. Year after year dividends and golden parachutes were handed out by underfunding future promises. The money was there and it would be there now if regulations had been in place to prevent using the funds as risk free betting money. Management always knew it was heads we win tails you lose.

The right wants to follow the same pattern as the airlines, the Republicans made it easy to, like the airlines, declare bankruptcy, shed their pensions, break their Union contracts with the help of the government and then continue to hand out millions in bonuses. The real reason is always to break the unions.

Unions are not perfect, but Unions didn’t ruin these companies and should not be punished. In order to pay for the wages and benefits, auto companies passed the cost to consumers and then instead of investing they handed out bonuses and more dividends while lowering the quality of their cars to make even more profit. Taxpayers have paid enough for these greedy auto executives. They think they are entitled. The big Three have been setting up foreign operations for years and if they want funds the first plants to close should be in Mexico, not the US.

Foreign companies come to America and provide quality autos and good paying jobs. Why won’t the UAW take the same wages? Why are these companies paying good wages? They had to be or their plants would have been unionized. Last year when the UAW had to compromise on health care, Toyota for no reason except greed lowered benefits to its non Union workforce. What happens to Detroit will happen to the South.

Destroying the big three will cause wages to fall or to stagnate in the imported factories because there will be no better model to compare to any longer. The employees in these companies will find that they are truly working in “right to work for less state”.

If it is the Union’s fault because of pensions, vacations, and healthcare then any company providing the same benefits will be in the same boat…..right? The German auto industry isn’t collapsing. In the US, Boeing just settled a contract with wage increases and job security clauses. Boeing stock is looking good on Wall Street. You also can’t depend on company profits to be shared. Caterpillar tractor made billions and then more billions, but when it came to contract negotiations in 2005 threatened to move to Mexico. I am certain Bush would have allowed them to write off the costs. The UAW was forced to sign a contract severely cutting wages and benefits for new hires even after years of increased growth and profit that supported good jobs.

There is enough blame to go around, we have seen the private jet flying, arrogant and inept management team, greedy stock holders, Union inflexibility at times, greedy stock holders, and a right wing press still reporting that UAW workers make $80.00 an hour. Spread the wealth, why blame it all on the unions?

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December 12th, 2008 Posted by narsbars | ATTACK ON UNIONS, Employee Free Choice Act, MSEA, MSEA 2008 bargaining survey, MSEA-SEIU, MSEASEIU, UAW, state employee lay offs | no comments

A few Friends

These are from 2008, not 2004, my daughter loves to play with dad’s camera and I should have checked the date stamp.

These pictures don’t show everyone on the last negotiations team, they don’t give credit to all the hard work that these members put in for their brothers and sisters. The smiles are because they respect each other and not a celebration of the best contract ever. These guys have never stopped working for you.
They have all volunteered their time, unpaid time, to keep working to try to get the best for all the members.
The one guiding principle that every member of every team kept in front of them was always the goal to get the most benefit for the largest number of workers. Perfect results? They would be the first to tell you that they wanted a different result but every member of that team firmly believes that we always did our best. We all thank you, the members for having given us that trust.

Remember, we vote.Enter your Email

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January 10th, 2008 Posted by narsbars | ATTACK ON UNIONS, Uncategorized | no comments

Come and meet my little friend!

The outgoing Federal administration is running scared, and the anti-Union, anti working family, conservatives in Maine are starting the campaign to blame State Employees for any thing that is wrong in Maine. On several Radio Stations there are now ads running saying that State Employees are too well paid, have too many benefits and the leader of the organization in an interview on WVOM radio on January 3 said the State should just break the contract now and stop paying the benefits. As I have said previously the articles have started in the K.J. a new web site is up, and they are directly telling legislators that they are being watched.

One thing they say is right. The legislators are being watched by the most organized voting block in the state. Union Members vote. This is all a run up to the next gubernatorial elections. The Republican candidates will be like Tony Montana in Scarface, telling State employees to “Come and say hello to my little friend!” before they start screaming and shooting. They will be trying to out do each other calling Union members the devil, lazy, greedy, and blaming you instead of failed national policies. The Federal present and near term future are the blueprint for what will be attempted in Maine.

In the next year the Bush Federal Anti Labor board will be trying to engineer a blitzkrieg against labor, taking the whole organized labor system into a death spiral that no Democratic presidency will be able to fix. They would rather destroy decades of law than leave anything for the survivors. The propaganda has been running for years picturing organized labor as an already beaten and despised remnant of weaklings. This is the Republican way. The Unions and the American middle class are quickly becoming unable to provide the things their parents grew up to believe are the American birthright, health, a good home, and to provide for families. They call names and tell lies, all State employees are lazy, all Unions are corrupt, and they are attempting to put us in isolation and blame their own failed polices on labor. This will happen in our working lives, and it will be bad for Maine and the U.S. The drive of the middle class, American optimism and can-do spirit will be gone, replaced by employers that will say “you are lucky to have a job at all”.

If the Republicans can’t finish us in a year they will try to prevent meaningful reform during a Democratic presidency and force the nation into a slowly decaying one world, Wal-Mart economy, where only a few share the wealth. Everything will grow worse. Your children will know something is wrong, but without good jobs with security and benefits they will have nothing to compare to. Don’t fall for the bull; it is not the teachers Union that is running schools down, it was the Republican takeover of our schools to teach good consumers, not good thinkers. They blame the teachers Unions while children become less and less able to compete against better educated foreign students.

It seems like we may win against the false conservatives. The new direction we need to go in could be called “conservative” in the best possible sense of the word. Our children need to be educated in reading, writing, science, and math. We must stop teaching a false U.S. history where we helped the ignorant red man and all American wars are good wars. An educated citizen is the best weapon against the big lie.

We must start locally and so will we become involved with our Union or will we return to the seeing employers as royals, while we are the grateful serfs? The Republicans say that the employer freed of Unions will happily reward the productive employees (with whatever they feel we deserve). Under Republican logic Wal-Mart is rich and successful so therefore all Wal-Mart employees must be rich and successful with not Unions. One more example of Republican logic is that tax cuts increase government revenue. Therefore I would think that cutting all taxes would increase government revenue so much we could all retire now.

As a State and as a Union will we remain so divided from one another that no one can get anything they want? Or, should we organize and by reaching out to others overpower the tower of lies that have been told about all of us?

Will we be able to picture a future, and know the only way to get there is together?

Remember, Union households vote at a three to one ratio to the rest of the Public. Find your legislator. You can do that on this Blog and email your legislators. Ask what they will do to protect the pay and benefits promised to you for one, five, ten, even thirty five years.

Ask them if they want to cut your pay if they will then support your right to strike? If you are so unimportant you can be lied to and stolen from then giving you the right to strike should not matter.


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January 3rd, 2008 Posted by narsbars | ATTACK ON UNIONS, MSEA, MSEA contract, MSEA-SEIU, MSEASEIU, Maine State Employees, SEIU, SEIU 1989, STATE EMPLOYEES, STATE VIOLATES CONTRACT, TECHNORATI, UNIONMAINE, anti union talk show, msea maine | no comments

I.F.&W Proposals for 2009 Contract

The important thing is to get the proposals in. We all know that not every proposal can make it to the table or we would have two or thee form each of ten thousand employees.

These came in From I.F.&W. From Mike. I am not using Mike’s last name because I forgot to get his permission to put it up. Mike if it is O.K. to use your name, send me an email. Your co workers should know you are working for them.

Hi Tom
count me in I will send you a couple IF&W Hatchery Protech proposals.
(1) All FishCulture Assistant Supervisors be placed in the Supervisory Unit like the Game Keeper Assistant Supervisor More or less same title.
(2) More pay!!!!!!!!!
(3) More help at the hatcheries since we have increased our workload by 25% over the last 10 years and lost a couple positions.
(4) Weekend stipends for Hatchery staff.
These are a few I can think of for at least the hatchery employees and all state workers.
If I think of anymore or hear of any from my fellow employees I will send them on to you.

Thanks Mike. We can’t study the proposals unless we have them.

E.T.I. 2009

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January 3rd, 2008 Posted by narsbars | ATTACK ON UNIONS, Kennebec Journal Attacks, MSEA, MSEA Dues, MSEA ELECTIONS, MSEA contract, MSEA-SEIU, MSEASEIU, Maine State Employees, SEIU 1989, UNIONMAINE, federal mileage rate, msea maine | no comments

Did we get Scrooged?



The sections in BOLD ITALICS are what I think are the best ideas.

The AGENCY shall allow the President of the Chapter to attend all AGENCY board meetings without loss of pay or benefits.

Some of the ideas were brought up at the last negotiations and the teams were told they were crazy. The State couldn’t do it, but these are still great ideas. The bold italics are the important point in each paragraph. If you would like some of these, go to the comments at the bottom of the post and leave your comment.

2) Leave with pay for negotiations:

The AGENCY shall, when applicable, grant administrative leave with pay to the incumbent Chapter President and to five (5) additional AGENCY employees designated by MSEA as bargaining team members to participate in collective bargaining sessions or impasse proceedings with AGENCY representatives; such administrative leave shall be considered as time worked for the purpose of computing overtime.

AGENCY employees designated by MSEA as stewards may investigate and process grievances within their designated areas of AGENCY during work hours to a maximum extent of one hundred sixty (160) hours of compensation annually for ten (10) stewards collectively, and such hours shall be considered as time worked for the purpose of computing overtime.

The AGENCY shall grant administrative leave if needed to Stewards for the purposes of attending two (2) steward training sessions per year conducted by MSEA, and such administrative leave will be considered as time worked for the purpose of computing overtime.


Twelve and a half Percent raise in three years!!

1) General Salary:

Effective December 25, 2005, the basic wage or salary of each employee covered by this agreement shall be increased by three and three quarter’s percent (3.75%) per hour.

Effective December 31, 2006 the basic wage or salary of each employee covered by this agreement shall be increased by three and one-half percent (3.5%) per hour.

c) Effective December 30, 2007, the basic wage or salary of each employee covered by this agreement shall be increased by five and one-quarter percent (5.25%) per hour.

4) Call out:

a) An employee who is called out before or after his/her regular working hours or on a scheduled day off other than a holiday, shall earn a minimum of four (4) hours time which shall be paid on the basis of straight time if he/she is not in overtime status and on the basis of overtime if he/she is in overtime status.

5) Overtime:

All employees shall be paid at the rate of one and one half (1 1/2) times the hourly rate of pay for time worked in excess of forty (40) hours in any week.

c) All employees shall be paid at the rate of one and one half (1 1/2) times the hourly rate of pay for time worked in excess of eight (8) hours in any one work day.

7) Holiday Work:

An employee performing work on a holiday on a straight time basis (having at the time of such performance not worked forty (40) hours in the work week) will be paid at the rate of his/her regular hourly pay times two (2) for each hour of work on a holiday.

An employee performing work on a holiday who is in overtime status (having at the time of such performance worked forty (40) hours during the workweek) will be paid at the rate of his/her regular hourly pay times two and one half (2-1/2) for each hour of work on the holiday.

An employee called out to perform work shall earn a minimum of four (4) hours of time which, together with time actually worked in excess of four (4) hours on such holiday, shall be paid, if he/she is on straight time basis, at the rate his/her regular hourly pay times two (2) for each hour, and if on overtime basis, at the rate of his/her regular hourly pay times two and one half (2 1/2) for each hour.

e) The foregoing compensation shall be in addition to regular holiday pay.

8) Shift Differentials:

A shift employee working any hours between 4:00 p.m. and 12:00 midnight shall be paid a differential of fifty cents ($.50) per hour in addition to the straight time or overtime hourly rate.

Effective December 30, 2007, this differential shall be increased to sixty cents ($.60) per hour.

A shift employee working any hours between 12:00 midnight and 8:00 a.m. shall be paid a differential of seventy cents ($.70) per hour in addition to the straight time or overtime hourly rate.

Effective December 30, 2007, this differential shall be increased to ninety ($.90) per hour.

Telephone Expenses

The AGENCY shall pay ten dollars ($10.00) monthly towards the basic monthly telephone bill for all employees covered by this agreement who are subject to call-out, except those whom the AGENCY has issued cellular phones at AGENCY expense.


10) Unused Sick Leave:

The AGENCY will compensate employees for the surrender of certain unused sick leave, at the employee’s request, under the following conditions:

The employee must have at least ninety-six (96) hours of unused sick leave accrued as of November 30, after which date the employee may surrender any unused sick hours in excess of ninety-six (96).

The AGENCY shall compensate the employee with a payment equal to seventy-five percent (75%) of the employee’s regular, hourly wage for those hours surrendered, which payment shall be made by December 15.

11) Unused Vacation Leave:

An employee may surrender unused vacation hours and receive regular hourly wages for those hours surrendered.


For employees who became full-time employees prior to December 25, 2005, the AGENCY shall pay the full premium for employees and dependents health insurance coverage.

Employees who become full-time employees on or after December 25, 2005:

Will contribute fifteen (15%) percent of the difference between the total insurance premium for health insurance coverage for the full-time employee and his/her dependents

and the premium for employee-only coverage, if the employee enrolls his/her dependents in the health insurance program.

The AGENCY shall pay the full premium for employee-only coverage and eighty-five (85%) percent of the cost of the dependent portion of coverage.

Effective December 30, 2007, all full-time employees will contribute fifteen (15) percent of the difference between the total insurance premium for health insurance coverage for the full-time employee and his/her dependents and the premium for employee-only coverage, if the full-time employee enrolls his/her dependents in the health insurance program.

Any employee with dependents eligible for coverage who elects to waive health insurance coverage for all or some eligible dependents, shall receive an annual payment equal to the amount of three (3) months of the difference between the health insurance premiums paid by the AGENCY for such coverage and the amount paid by the AGENCY for the lesser coverage elected by the employee.


Effective December 30, 2007, the AGENCY will reimburse deductibles that are paid pursuant to the provisions of STATE-provided health insurance coverage for calendar year 2008 by employees who are enrolled in dependent plan coverage as of December 30, 2007, provided that the total amount of such reimbursements by the AGENCY shall not exceed Sixty Thousand ($60,000.00) Dollars, and provided further that no such reimbursements shall be made to employees who have funds available for payment of such deductibles in any flexible spending account or under other health insurance coverage.


It is understood that an employee may, upon the exhaustion of his/her accumulated sick leave, attach his/her accumulated vacation time thereto on a consecutive daily basis.

Vacation, almost the Same, but better!

Any hours in excess of these limits will be paid out to the employee by the last payroll period of any calendar year. We would not have to use it or lose it!

7) Bereavement Leave

Each employee covered by this Agreement, shall be allowed up to:

Five (5) days of leave with full pay for the death of the employee’s spouse or significant other, as defined in Section 3, Sick Leave, children, parents, stepparents and stepchildren.

Three (3) days of leave with full pay for the death of the employee’s brothers, stepbrothers, sisters, stepsisters, guardian, grandparents, grandchildren, wards, parents of the spouse, grandparents of the spouse, brothers and sisters of the spouse.

In addition to the above, one (1) day of leave with pay shall be allowed for the death of the employee’s aunt or uncle.

In addition to the foregoing, up to three (3) days of sick leave may be used for travel or funeral arrangements.

If they would only pay for licences!

12) The AGENCY shall reimburse employees for the cost of their required licenses: Oil/gas burner’s license, Electrician’s license, and State of Maine vehicle inspection license and other classes where a specific license is required.


Professional and technical employees shall be reimbursed by the AGENCY for tuition paid for advanced courses in their field taken while in the employ of the AGENCY provided that prior approval to take such course shall have been obtained from the AGENCY and provided that the employee shall have met the requirements of the agency offering the course for satisfactory completion thereof.

Wellness Program anyone?

The AGENCY will reimburse an employee up to One Hundred ($100.00) Dollars per year,

subject to required Federal and State tax withholdings, upon the submittal of a Wellness

Benefit Request form accompanied with a paid invoice to the Human Resources Department

for approved Wellness Programs.

These programs will be run by outside organizations

No, I was not smoking anything to want these benefits in our contracts. I just want these benefits that were in the last Turnpike Authority Contract. These are all excerpts from the last MTA contract.


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October 8th, 2007 Posted by narsbars | ATTACK ON UNIONS, BALDACCI, MSEA, MSEASEIU, UNIONMAINE | no comments

Another attack on Unions

E.T.I. 2009

Executives get hundreds of millions no matter whether the company sells cars or goes belly up.

From the Wall Street Journal, September 11 2007

As GM walked into the negotiations, the 54-year-old Mr. Wagoner’s top priority was leaning on the union to further address the auto maker’s health-care burden. The company has about $50 billion in retirement obligations for UAW retirees and their families, and that liability results in $3 billion in cash expenses annually, or nearly $750 per light vehicle sold last year in the U.S. As GM, which already extracted concessions from the union on health care in 2005, sees sales in North America decline and medical expenses inflate at double-digit rates, the burden gets heavier by the day.

As part of the negotiations, GM put two proposals on the table for the UAW, according to people familiar with the proposals. One involves the establishment of a union-run health-care trust, or VEBA, which would be funded by GM cash, debt and possibly stock.

VEBA A Voluntary Employees Beneficiary Association would save GM a lot of money, and put all the risk on the employees. No offer was made to pay more in better times. If the Union won’t accept the VEBA GM is making threats that will let them sell for less than Toyota. GM is pushing the VEBA, telling the UAW that “the arrangement would protect against unilateral retiree health-care cuts by the auto maker in the future if needed.”

Did you hear the threat? Pay up or we cut the throats of the old people.

Health care costs are going up. No question. I would not trust the government to continue to pay anything they agreed to but I would rather trust the Union to do a good job, than to hire it out to a company like Anthem.

A little more from the Journal:

While developing close ties with the union and earning the trust of union officials who are loath to cede ground to the auto makers, Mr. Wagoner has also taken steps to reduce GM’s reliance on the UAW, significantly expanding sales in emerging markets and accelerating efforts to reorganize the company’s manufacturing base into a global footprint.

All Non-Union, low paying jobs. A Mexican worker can not buy the car he or she builds. When all the wages are trash who will they sell to? Henry Ford raised wages, and in turn sold cars to his employees and made his money while paying more than other industries.

Lots of work, lots of sales, but the hourly worker should take the hit, the failed executives making millions for themselves and losing money for their investors.

I know this is not Maine, these are probably not your relatives. I also know that the more take backs that are successful the more our legislators are going to use those take backs to justify coming after State Employees. Please get involved now. Comment here, call your legislator. Email a politician. Tell them your family is not on the menu.
E.T.I. 2009

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September 11th, 2007 Posted by narsbars | ATTACK ON UNIONS, MSEA, MSEASEIU, SEIU, SEIU 1984, SEIU 1989, TECHNORATI, UNIONMAINE, VEBA | no comments

Mark Turek Speaks out. Click on comments to read All.

E.T.I. 2009


You are invited to present any of your issues on my Blog http://www.unionmaine.blogspot.com/

While you may think I am a Union Lackey, I feel that my viewpoint is simply 180 degrees opposed from yours. What matters to me like the X files is that the truth is out there. The greater danger is that if we do not have a forum or if anyone is denied a forum then the truth is endangered specie. I suggest you have a “guest post”, rather than answering any of the current topics. Your points will be presented fairly. If you take advantage of this offer, be aware that a post could be edited according to the rules of my blog. I will submit my edits you for approval. If you wish to be a guest poster please include a picture, if you wish. You may also post anonymously or using a handle.

Mark, you are wrong, you have not provided any proof, and you have claimed that if you lose it will be due to a crooked court. I will not participate allowing you to claim the game is rigged. I offer you a podium for your point of view.

In total disagreement but with support for free speech


Trust me, I work for the government

Please read Mark Turek’s response. If Mr. Turek chooses to post as a guest poster he will have a featured post.

The Same invitation goes to anyone interested. I have said that the people opposed to our Union have one strength and that stength is persistance and dedication. I hope to hear from all view points as the real danger is lack of involvement. I have told Mr. Turek that I do not agree with him on any point. I think he is totally wrong, and his facts are questionable, BUT free speech will not be denied. To mangle Chandler, “This if Liberty hall, you may spit on the mat and call the cat a bastard”.

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July 10th, 2007 Posted by narsbars | AGEM, ATTACK ON UNIONS, MSEA, MSEASEIU, UNIONMAINE, Union Success, mark turek | 10 comments


On July 14 the Supreme Court ruled unanimously that states may require public-sector labor unions to get permission from workers before using their union fees for political activities.

The 9-0 decision applies to government workers who have chosen not to be members of the union.

Justice Antonin Scalia wrote for the court. Because it even would be constitutional for Washington state “to eliminate agency fees entirely,” this “far less-restrictive limitation” is acceptable, he wrote.

The question was if it is enough for unions to give nonmembers the chance to opt out of their fees being used for political purposes – Under this standard, the burden is on the nonmember to object, and if no objection is heard, the union can assume consent.

The high court yesterday reaffirmed that standard, saying that it’s OK for a state to put the burden on the nonmember. But the court also said that standard is a “floor,” not a “ceiling” — meaning that states may impose further restrictions on unions——-

The man who brought the case said the Supreme Court unanimously rejected the idea that unions have a constitutional right to spend nonmember dues on politics. THE FAIRSHARE FEE INCLUDES NO POLITICAL SPENDING.

The Supreme Court also refused to push further and force all states to follow Washington in requiring unions to get affirmative consent from nonmembers.

Officials at the National Right to Work Foundation — which helped bring the suit said the Supreme Court passed up an opportunity to change the union rules.

They have no dues paying members. Where is the money coming from? Corporate generosity to union busting groups?

America’s workers laboring under compulsory unionism are little better off after today’s ruling,” said Stefan Gleason, the group’s vice president. “No one should be forced to join or pay dues to a union in the first place.”

No one is being forced to pay Union Dues in Maine, they are being asked to pay for the expenses that the State has determined the Union must cover for all employees, Union members or not.

“Our fear was that if the Supreme Court had ruled the other way, the constitutionality of federal campaign restrictions on unions would be next,” he said.

He is afraid that the restrictions placed on the free speech of Union members might be removed. I am sure the same group believes in uncontrolled corporate speech.

The Supreme Court didn’t rule that
the teachers union had violated any law.

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