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The Ed Schultz Show–P.S. He doesn’t like Limbaugh and he does like Unions

“Watch Limbaugh with the sound turned down” “He looks like Hitler” I just followed Ed’s advice and watched Limbaugh giving his CPAC speech. Scared yet, no? Stay with the the bloated one long enough to watch the audience. The applause for hate and greed. America is beautiful but this is an ugly mask Rush is trying on for size. His, is the ugliest face ugliest face of America, but it is a mask not the real country, not the face of Americans who love their neighbors without knowing their bank balance.

Every man is Dick Cheney and every woman is Ann Coulter or Sarah Palin, and they all mindlessly cheer for the new leader of the GOP. The Ed Schultz Show is coming to MSNBC. Get ready for a voice that likes Unions, likes the workers who built the country and thinks that a twenty three million dollar kiss goodbye to a fired GM CEO is sick.

It is against God and Country to break a contract with AIG executives. We have to pay them for sinking their company and our country. It is like sending a thank you note with flowers to a rapist. Thank you and come again.

Adolf Hitler – Closing Ceremony – Triumph of the Will -

Feds Seize Madoff Palm Beach Mansion and Boats. AIG executives to receive funds from sale.

U.S. Marshals today seized the Palm Beach Mansion of Bernie Madoff along with two boats.

The property and boats will be donated to AIG executives as compensation for having their feelings hurt due to being called scum, incompetent, and thieving bastards. Until the AIG executives can figure out how to maintain the property the estate will be “monitored and maintained” at taxpayer expense to protect the future owners.

Just wait a few seconds and watch the body language. Don’t bother if you shop at Wal-Mart because Rush says he already has you.

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Elected NUHW Stewards being removed from office by SEIU

I am not taking any sides, I try to present the story in the old way, the facts should speak for themselves. You the reader, are the best judge.

The SEIU is “firing” Stewards and Member contract specialists, elected by their members, from elected office.

The members of the UHW have had card signings at over three hundred sites and voted overwhelmingly to leave the SEIU. They want to form the New UHW, but since NLRB rules don’t allow a decertification petition until just before a contract expiry, they can not decertify until 2010 there is no legal NUHW even if a hundred thousand members think they belong to a new Union.

I don’t think this is going away, California Union members are “fired up, and ready to go” it looks as if they are gearing up for the long haul.

This is not going to come out well for organized labor unless both sides talk. From this side of the country it looks like the members of UHW have been trying for a long time. It takes two sides both willing to listen to make a deal. This is all about Andy Stern, can he lead? Can he forge unity or simply try to force compliance?

In California the war between the SEIU and the as yet unrecognized NUHW continues. Stewards are being removed for disagreeing with the appointed heads of their SEIU local.

Many won’t agree but stewards, when elected, agree not to act against their Union, agree not to promote another Union or to act against their Union. Like it or not, the SEIU is currently the legal bargaining agent and has the right to remove stewards for actions against the SEIU.

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